The Slaves of House Hezzrat

Bodies in the Water

The Hezzrat slaves decide to make camp for the night while they could see the oasis on the horizon. The night progressed with several disturbances off in the distance – Nus heard something traveling in the dark southward, and Mir was perplexed by a glow in the direction of their destination – but the party put off investigating until morning.

As they rounded the path into the oasis they found that it had been razed and its inhabitants slaughtered. Next to a pair of burnt-out buildings they saw a body of water filled with the corpses of civilians, and the bodies of guards were strewn about the area. Desperate for water, they proposed fishing the bodies out of the waters, and drinking it anyway, taking their chances with what may come.

Mir mused over whether the bodies had come from raiders, but the party determined that the oasis had been attacked. To cap that revelation, a pack of desert brutes in lizard skins came over the dunes, shouting through sharp teeth in Giant that the party had impeded upon their territory. The hulking blue humanoids wielded picks with tusk-like bones at the end of them. Nus recalled that there was a race of raiders, the Tarek, who had been created as a race of super soldiers, and that they had killed their makers and wandered the desert ever since.

The Tarek descended in waves as the party maneuvered into position. Ka’tho and Razin kept their backs to the Eastern side of the pool, Mir split out Northwest to face a skirmisher and a Tarek berseker, and Nus used his Eladrin fey step ability to bypass the pool and find a defensible position inside one of the hollowed out buildings from which he could attack at range.

Mir was pulled into a flanked position by the Tarek. Ka’tho and Razin dispatched the skirmishers and became occupied by a berserker who rained blows down on Ka’tho and would not be pinned down.

A Tarek earth shaman came over the dune and joined the fight against Ka’tho and Razin. Razin used his Masterful Spiral martial arts to dispatch a skirmisher and damage the shaman and berserker, and when it seemed Ka’tho could not land a strike, bolstered his ability using his keen eyes and expert guidance.

Nus exited the ruin upon realizing Ka’tho and Mir had become heavily wounded. He tossed a healing salve to Ka’tho and attacked the shaman with a volatile gas that would heal whoever attacked it, then charging the skirmisher and berserker Mir had begun fighting in an attempt to free her up tactically.

The Tarek shaman pulled up the earth itself in order to harass Razin and Ka’tho, making them lose their ground and its allies shift to more advantageous positions. Mir and Nus struggled with the berserker until Mir landed a Brute Strike, invigorating herself in the process, and Nus made the enemy Blunder away, freeing up Mir for another attack.

Razin used his Drunken Monkey style to cripple and knock prone the shaman. Ka’tho dropped his maul and shield and caved in the shaman’s chest with his two-handed hammer, landing a Concussive Spike that blew back the berserker into the wall of the ruined building. The shaman, somehow still alive, rose and struck Ka’tho with a fist of stone, cursing as it did so, and was quickly dispatched. The slaves descended upon the berserker not long after.


Tionas Tionas

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