The Slaves of House Hezzrat

Pitfalls and Pit Ball

With two days to plan, the Slaves of Hezzrat worked out with tournament organizer Kai the details of the game and how to play. Upon their arrival, they saw the enormity of the task ahead of them. The spiked ball to be used as a primary weapon and single-point scoring mechanism stood eight feet tall. At their goal lay a smaller, knobbier sphere made out of bone, knobby protrusions lining its surface. The other team would have to retrieve this one to score with it on their own side, Hezzrat would have to retrieve their own from the opposite goal to try to score two points. Four medics waited at the corners of the pit, waiting to attend to any that fell during the battle. Behind the goals two giants laughed with abandon. They would be the means by which the balls were returned into play.

Hezzrat’s competitors, House Velrot, stood at the opposite goal. Korbesh the Man-Eater, a halfling, cackled to himself. Two human twins, Velric and Rimble, stood together in the center. Last and worst of all was Nug, a member of the violent tarek race that the party had faced out in the desert. A horn blew and the teams sprung into action.

The minotaur Mir was the first to move, rushing towards the spiked ball in the center and moving with it as she shoved it along. Razin, the monk, propelled himself across the area, landing adjacent to team Velrot and almost within grasp of the two-point ball. The thri-kreen Ka’tho joined Mir with the main ball, intending to pass it between them. Coral, the newest member of the party, stayed back with the goal intending to guard it, and lit Velrot’s ball on fire with his psychic spark.

The halfling Korbesh sprinted across the field, landing adjacent to one of Hezzrat’s two-point goals. Ka’tho yanked the human twins out from their places and they split up, Velric running to Hezzrat’s main goal and Rimble pushing the main ball back over Mir, impeding her progress.

Nug grabbed Hezzrat’s ball and smashed into Razin with it, shoving him back, and then circled around it to keep it from his reach. Mir and Ka’tho struggled to overpower Rimble as Razin retrieved and heaved Hezzrat’s ball across the arena, where it was promptly kicked by Korbesh into both Mir and Ka’tho. Ka’tho focused his psychic powers, shoving Rimble dangerously close to the spiked wall and into position to receive Velrot’s ball as Velric kicked it to him, and managed to score a goal for two points.

Nug charged the main ball and was hit with it by Ka’tho, but still managed to push it through Ka’tho and onto Mir, shoving her back. From behind Velrot’s goal, one of the giants returned Velrot’s ball into play, amused with itself. Mir grabbed Velrot’s ball and tossed it to Coral, who used it to smash Velric upside the head, again lighting it on fire as he did so. Razin maneuvered to Hezzrat’s ball and without resistance scored a goal with it, tying the game. Korbesh flanked Hezzrat’s goal and traded blows with Ka’tho from afar with Velrot’s ball.

Again the twins worked together to score a goal, pulling ahead by two points. The scuffle over the main ball continued as the giant behind Velrot’s goal threw their ball across the arena, where it bounced off of the wall to hit the head of Velric, who fell over from the impact. Hezzrat’s ball was similarly returned to play as the team realized that playing defensively was not going to win them the match. Coral abandoned his post at the goal and leaped across the arena, scoring with Hezzrat’s ball and tying the game again. Razin pushed forward with the main ball and managed to score a goal just as Korbesh retrieved and scored with Velrot’s ball.

With no balls in play, Ka’tho decided to wait for the next one to return to act. The twins withdrew, guarding Hezzrat’s two-point goals with Nug. Razin was rolled over by the main ball, thrown into play by the giant behind Velrot’s goal, and once more when Ka’tho made to score with it. The others were tossed back into play as Velric was again hit by one of the balls and knocked over. Mir retreated back to Hezzrat’s goal, scoring over Velric’s head with her team’s ball. Coral made to guard one of Velrot’s two-point goals. Razin righted himself and moved along the side of the arena as the twins and Korbesh deferred to Nug as he kicked Velrot’s ball toward’s Coral’s goal without success. The twins ran up and continued pressuring the goal until they scored.

Korbesh ran to block Velrot’s main goal from Ka’tho as Coral was knocked over from behind by Velrot’s ball as the giant that threw it hooted. Its partner across the arena did the same as it again knocked over Velric, whose face and blood left marks in the sand. Ka’tho righted himself to heal as Mir scored with Hezzrat’s recovered ball and Velric’s allies berated him for failing at protecting the goal. Everyone spread out to block goals. Rimble, Korbesh and Nug tried desperately to score against Coral, who managed to defeat all of their attempts.

In the final round, both Velric and Mir were hit by Velrot’s ball as the giant threw it out of the goal, ricocheting it off of their heads and along the wall of the arena. Ka’tho scored with Hezzrat’s ball to seal their win as Mir wrestled with Nug for the main ball. Coral called for Razin’s aid as he stood in front of Velrot’s goal, and as Razin approached he found himself having swapped places with Coral and facing Velrot’s ball, which he promptly kicked into the face of Korbesh, who was up until this point uninjured. As it bounced back off of the halfling, Coral appeared in Razin’s location, kicking it out of the air and again into the face of the Man-Eater, and then once more across the arena. Nug shoved past Mir and scored with the main ball, but not before being hit by her with Velrot’s ball as it appeared at her feet.

A horn signaled the end of the game, and the teams took a moment to remark about what had transpired before being shepherded out of the arena for the next game to begin.


Tionas Kasa

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