The Slaves of House Hezzrat

To the Grey and Back

Alkali successfully led the Hezzrat slaves to his village, called Tadoro, and there confered with his tribal leader, Fermos. the party learned that the cost for resurrecting the dead was high. Vos pooled the money of his deceased allies with his own and would be able to reimburse the village leader.

Alkali conferred with the spirit of Mir, who had become trapped in the Grey. She was freshly attached to her body, still, and time appeared to pass much more slowly than in the realm of the living. Vos met some of the villagers, not letting on that he had attempted to memorize the way to the village.

The village leader returned with the necessary rare herbs to perform the resurrection. Alkali and Vos observed as Mir was struck back to life. Nus was not so lucky, having been in the Grey for a while longer. To him it felt as though he had been there for years, running from horrors not native to the realm of the living. His skin had lost its color and his muscles ached; it would be a difficult trek back to the tower.

Fermos called Alkali away for an important discussion, having seen the kind of company he found himself keeping. Nus took the obsidian sword from Vos and cut his hair short with it, muttering something about “not being able to see them out of the corner of [his] eyes.” Mir spoke with a villager who made it clear that while they were not particularly unwelcome, it would be best for them to leave, and soon. Mir was given several healing fruits for the journey. The party, they found, would need them.

Vos succeeded in guiding the party back to the tower. Just short of arriving, their progress was halted by a giant centipede. Mir and Nus fled towards the tower while Vos led the beast off on a harrowing chase, which only ended with what the others assumed to be his demise.

Ka’tho greeted them around the same time as the merchants from Hezzrat arrived, gathered the goods, and made for home.


Tionas Tionas

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