Urik Merchant


Diebur is a quick witted human merchant and caravan hand, plying his wares as a minor trader from Urik to Umparon.


Diebur was raised as a traders son from the very first. His mothers business was really booming when he was a child, and the traveled the routes between Urik and Tyr, trading metal ingots and obsidian weapons. Diebur, however, was uninterested in all of these. He found the tribals trinkets and rare wonders to be the greatest of the treasures he could trade.

His Own Company

When his mother passed, the young man took it on himself to continue his parents company. though small, he quickly grew, and went from local merchant to known trader. After the trade in Tyr dried up, he started taking the roads further traveled and south, reaching new and ever more interesting places, everywhere he went asking about for ancient relics and lost treasures.

Recent Events

Diebur has, as of late, run afoul of some problems. His most recent caravan, bearing supplies and treasures heading to Umparon, has been sacked. Looted by the arracockra, he has lost the greatest part of his fortunes. He is trying to gather enough money to either start a caravan back to his Headquarters in Urik, or to go looking for the aaracockra main nest to see if he can retrieve any of his lost items. Stuck, now, in Valmiren, he has met a woman he very much enjoys the company of, and wishes to entice her away to Urik. Its plain to everyone around that Yarma enjoys Diebur as well, but she is reluctant to leave her native home.


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