A minor warlord of the Red Age


Matach is known only in legends. Tall and broad, he wielded an enormous enchanted axe, which he called Faldrina, or “Blood Drinker” in the old tounge

Matach is known mostly from the information taken from a few of the legends around Gibbid. most notably the Ballad of Kamid, a popular Bardic tale, and _The Deeds of the Creator _a fragmented manuscript. In them he is described as “strong, powerful, and able to leave a tide of dead on the battlefield.” His life is mostly known by his death, as in the Ballad of Kamid.

Kamid’s assult was strong and fierce
the battle raged around
with only men left to man the walls,
Matach Marched from the town

Kamid assessed, he knew the chances,
He would not survive the fray.
If met in single combat,
Matach would take the day

To fight this man, he sent
A score and score of men
though Faldrina slew them all
it would not slay again.



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