Valmiren Guard Captian


Rasea is a hard bitten long term merc working for the Steward of Valmiren, Werrick. Short and imposing, with a taciturn disposition, she rarely smiles, but always appreciates help.


Rasea grew up in the harbors of Balic, stealing and running from the Templars. Her parents had both disappeared one night without a sign, leaving her to raise her younger brother Lionus. When her brother was strong enough to raise a weapon and to wear the armor, they joined up with the Legionaries of balic, and for a number of years, protected the lands of Andropinis. They both served the term of enlistment, and then, with the training privileged and weapons of an ex Legionary, headed out to make their fortune.


The two of them traveled around the central Tyr region plenty, going from town to town as caravan guards, quelling and starting riots, and doing whatever they were paid to do. Among their most famous exploits regards them returning a slave from the wastes to his proper owner, and then, months later, being hired by the slave-band he had contacted to then free him from the owners grip. They performed both admirably, and even to this day, the Noble who they stole the slave away from has no idea that it was Rasea and Lionus that headed the caper.

End of the Line

As young as they were at the time, the two of them knew early on that this could not last forever. Mercenaries lead dangerously short lives, and neither Rasea or Lionus had a death wish. they saved up their money, and eventually they hired on as caravan guards for a long caravan trip to a remote destination: Valmiren. There, they hired on as town guards for the local Steward, settled down, and became staples of the town. Rasea eventually rose to become the Guard Captian, despite her mercenary status. however, lately, with the downturn in the towns coffers, they have remained employed, even taking pay cuts, though they are still well compensated

Now, as they stand at the end of the road to the southern wastes, with rumors that Umparon was sacked by unknown attackers in overwhelming force, and raiders knocking on the door from the north and east, Lionus and Rasea are prepared for the worst. they have lived here for many years, and are prepared to fight and, though not preferable, die, for the town the have come to call home.


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