A caravan driver for House Hezzrat


Rastrom is one of the most reliable Caravan leaders operating from Balic-Altaruk. Under the pay of house Hezzrat, he reliably delivers water and wheat from the shores of Balics merchant shipping to the doors of House Hezzrat in Altaruk. While he was once considered a free-lance caravan operator, once house Hezzrat became used to his reliability and punctuality, he became a valued commodity. this made Hezzrat very happy, and it made Rastrom very, very rich.

He’s never made a stink about hiring mercenaries and guard to make sure that his goods arrive on time, and he’s not afraid to make estimates of delivery long enough to be sure he can make good on them. While a caravan driver of this ability is normally a threat to the merchant houses, Rastrom has publicly declared his disinterest in owning more caravans than he can personally drive. as long as this remains his stance, he is safe from the predations of the large, uncaring merchant houses. if he ever crosses that line, however, one may never find his body.



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