The Steward of Valmiren


In his younger days, Werrick was known as a very desirable bachelor within Valmiren, now, he rules alone from his strangly built mansion overlooking The Pit.


Werrick has lived in Valmiren his entire life. Born to a Guardsmen’s indiscretion with a serving maid at The Tap Room, he grew up in relative wealth, with the guardsman, Gimdi, paid well for his duties, and the serving maid, Alliama, known by most of the town. While he did not immediately show his aptitude for leadership and rule, he was the leader of the gang of children his age, and by the time he was able to hold a sword, he was well respected.

Time with the Guards

Werrick rose through the ranks as a caravan guards after he signed up with House Shimiar out of Tyr. Traveling the roads to all the Cities of the Tyr region, he gained enough ceramic to return to his hometown a wealthy man. However, leaving as young as he did for the open roads led him to pick up some bad habits. Women, drink, and nice things were available everywhere he went, for the right price. He quickly became the best armed, best equipped, best dressed, best fed and best laid man for every caravan he worked for. Though he commanded a large price for his work, and was worth every bit, he’d never figured out how to save the ceramic. After a time his reputation got the best of him, and some prominent girls father decided they wanted him out of the way after some peculiarly intense events which he has never shared with the town, he ended up back in Valmiren without a chip to his name, covered in dust, bowed, but never broken.

Rise to Steward

Werrick had always been a popular man, and though he had been gone many years, he was remembered by many of his generation. He was broke, though, and this did not sit well with him. The Steward at the time was Pardimas, a woman of great resources, and old enough to be his mother. This was no barrier for the smooth talking Werrick of his youth. In just a few years, Werrick and Pardimas were inseparable. When Pardimas passed, her last act was to appoint Werrick as the new Steward.

The Life of a Squanderer.

Once Werrick was the sole Steward, he spent money constantly. Though it took him years, he eventually burned his way entirely through Pardimas’ supply of ceramic. Parties with exotic girls, fine foods, and old wines dominated the days and nights of his life. Everything he did, he did the most expensive of. He renovated, then tore down and rebuilt, and then eventually had a new mansion built for him, as well as a doomed project for a statue of himself. Now, broken and paranoid, he sees threats to his stewardship in everyone around him. He keeps his hands in everything that happens in town, trying to milk the most out of it, to maybe regain they parties and expensive clothing of his youth.


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