Stuffed between the towering pillars of rock to the south, and the endless expanse of the alluvial wastes to the north, the ruins of Gibbid call to the adventurer and the explorer alike.


Gibbid began life as a small farming town in the green age, mentioned in some of the oldest texts within the libraries of Tyr. Little other than that is known about its early history. However, during the Red Age, Matach, a petty warlord, took over the town, expanded and fortified it. From there he would Launch assaults on nearby towns and settlements, or extract payment from them not to. he made an immense fortune, setting it up in many underground vaults, storage rooms and safe houses, never trusting it to one single place or guardian.

Gibbid’s end came swiftly. One of the other warlords heard of the vast wealth Matach had accumulated, and decided to take it for his own. However, the army he had was not powerful enough to take on Matach’s forces, so he contacted a powerful man, known only as The Creator. The Creator had an army like none other, and for a substantial portion of the plunder of Gibbid, lent his greatest Lieutenant, Kamid as leader of the assault.

The raid was supremely successful. Matach was slain, the treasure was looted, and Gibbid was leveled. Kamid walked away with the vast majority of the hoard, but the warlord did not go away empty handed. However, talks of people emerging from the town with treasures every once in a while has still lead a few brave or foolhardy people to go excavate, explore and delve the ruins, hoping to emerge wealthy beyond reason.


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