The Great Pit


The Great Pit of Valmiren is roumored to be on of the oldes of the arena’s in the Tyr region. dug into the packed clay and sand of a dried riverbed, the back breaking labor became the first of many woes to give the pit its own life, some even say sentience.


The pit has been around as long as known memory of Valmiren. No one knows who ordered it created, or why, but it has been the scene for many a bloody battle in its time. some arena’s have their sand stained by blood, and some have become red as a result, but few enough have had enough blood spilled that the ground remains damp with it. The Pit is different.

Personality and Recent Events

The blood and essence of hundreds of thousands of gladiators has given the arena its own personality, and it had been known to topple champions and spare the fallen. It has healed the wounded and interceded when the fight was so grand none deserved to die. as more and more blood is spilled, it becomes more active in the games held in its confines. recently, it has shown the improbable property of being able to grow dangerous plants and even give them a semblance of life when it desires, and the Valmiren Fight Coordinator Kai has taken to having gladiators fight the pit itself. this decision has proven very popular with the citizens, and even with the Sorcerer King Hamanu of Urik, who has commissioned Championship Fights between his subject’s houses there the last few years.

The Great Pit

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