Valmiren is a small town at the far fringes of the Alluvial Sand Wastes, the last on the trade routes to the southern wastes now that Uumparon has reportedly been razed.

What Valmiren lacks in location, wealth and population, it makes up with the gladiatorial arena, The Great Pit one of the first, and Valmiren residents will tell you it is the first, arenas in the Tyr region. It has its own life to it, somehow, and the blood of thousands of gladiators has created a place the is one of the most disturbing to fight in.

Valmiren is run by a single leader, the Steward, Werrik, who has bankrupted his prior stewards sizable fortunes creating a mansion of exotic woods and expensive stones over looking The Great Pit. Though he is aged and ailing, he has not appointed another Steward to take his place on his death. This is causing serious concern among the townsfolk, as history has shown that when stewards are not appointed, and even sometimes when they are, there is a lot of bloodshed to determine the next one.

Due to the drained coffers caused by Werrik, the mercenary guardsmen that for so long protected the town have all but disappeared, leaving the guard duties to the handful of Mercs that can still be afforded, and a dozen voluntary town guard. The Capitan of the Guard, a stern woman called Raseam and her brother, Lionus, are two of the Mercs that have been their the longest. Even now they are paid a hefty sum, having proven themselves time and again at their jobs.

Though the guards are thinner, the elven scavengers of the southern wastes, ever rooting and looting the endless ruins still gather here to sell their wares to the few incoming caravans. and even the elves, in their exclusive market, let a single human sell her wares:


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