The crimson sun of Athas Burns its inhabitants without mercy day after day. This is a land of slaves and Gladiators, Sand and Silt, of burning daylight and freezing darkness. In this hostile world, even the lowest slave can become a hero, and even the most noble lord is a villan.

The Slaves of House Hezzrat will, for good or Ill, focus on the things that makes Dark Sun a different, strange world, a change of pace from the High-fantasy worlds of Eberron and Forgotten Realms, and an escape from the Traditional Tolkien fantasy genre.

There are many theams in dark sun, and the ones I am going to focus on in the game are strong, and definitlvly athasian: Slavery, Gladiator Games, Psionics, and the Desert

There is also going to be a running thought that the hero’s are alone. On this world of villany and tyranny, where evil holds sway and goodness is in desperate need, the Hero’s have no one to turn to and no place to go for help. Its them, or the end.

Welcome to the Slave barracks, Traveller, Welcome, To House Hezzrat

The Slaves of House Hezzrat

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